Dolly Thompsett - All Visual Arts

Dolly Thompsett - All Visual Arts

John Jones client Dolly Thompsett is set to exhibit alongside international painters Julie Heffernan and Haruko Maeda at the first instalment of All Visual Art’s Summer exhibition. Entitled ‘Magical Realism’, the collection addresses ‘political critique, hybridity and collective consciousness’, themes which are explored by all three artists in contrasting ways.

Dolly’s style is typically associated with the 19th Century sublime art of the Pre-Raphaelites, with her subjects often drawn from the mundane and macabre and originating from documentary photographs. In this exhibition, the artist’s paintings represent collective consciousness by suffusing striking landscapes with human emotion.

‘The underlying theme is that of ordinary people overcome by extraordinary events, hovering somewhere between disaster and transcendence, between watery depths and heavenly heights’

Our Artist Surfaces team is proud to hand-make the tulip wood stretchers for Dolly’s large-scale works on canvas, which are created using multiple layers of paint and magical colour combinations. This exhibition showcases themes drawn from a rich body of fable and art history runs from 21st June – 17th August.

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