Pip Dickens - SCREEN

Pip Dickens - SCREEN

Our long-time Artist Surfaces client Pip Dickens is preparing to exhibit at the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum in her fourth solo UK show since 2010.

SCREEN is a collection of new paintings, in which Pip explores the connections between Japanese Kimono textile design techniques and ‘Glorious’ Technicolor cinema.

With a lifelong interest in cinema and its technology, Dickens aims to prolong an appreciation for an art form whose techniques she believes will soon be extinct. The magic of the film is explored through the equal magic of painting, by employing the use of masking, cutting, wrapping and double exposure using tint, grisaille and varnishing techniques.

Films such as Oklahoma and South Pacific are probably the most recognisable viewing platforms for using this photochemical technology, which Dickens has translated in her titles Flash-Back and Vignette / Dream Sequence for example, resulting in a unique and identifiable colour palette experience.

This show is open to the public from 29th June and is a must-see!

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