IdeasTap Photographic Awards 2013

IdeasTap Photographic Awards 2013

The prestigious IdeasTap Photographic Awards are held annually, offering three lucky winners £5000 in prize money.  For the very first time, the 2013 award is opening its doors to all members aged 16 and over with no upper age limit!

In association with legendary photographic agency Magnum Photos, the award calls for creative entries to focus around one of five themes; Journey / Human Relationships / Climate /Conflict / Memory. Judges will be keeping their eyes peeled for a hidden talent in image making, someone who can demonstrate skill and understanding when presenting a story.

The award is split into three application age groups, with a new 31+ category being introduced. A final winner from each will have the chance to receive prize money, project funding and even the chance to be mentored by Magnum and work at their London or New York offices.

Applications close on 31st May.

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