Discover ... Selma Feriani Gallery

Discover ... Selma Feriani Gallery

The Selma Feriani Gallery was founded in 2009 in London and represents a range of emerging conceptual artists. The space has recently expanded into Tunis, providing a platform for the production and exhibition of contemporary art projects in the region. The gallery looks to support young artists through a series of four exhibitions per year, promoting their work to a new international audience ‘beyond the confines’ of their gallery space. Selma Feriani aims to bring fresh work which pushes the boundaries to everyone involved in the Tunis emerging art scene, including critics, curators, museums and collectors. Their inaugural exhibition will showcase recent paintings, sketchbooks and an installation by Amel Bennys, an artist who layers flat pigments in a style reminiscent of Picasso and Braque:

‘For the artist, colour becomes a point of departure in exploring the depths of architectural form. In her paintings one can note the manner in which colour acts as a constructive tool: the purity of pigment stands flat on the canvas and thus become a structure in and of itself.’

This collection will be on display 12th May – 30th June.

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