Discover ... GRAD Gallery for Russian Arts and Design

Discover ... GRAD Gallery for Russian Arts and Design

Courtesy State Russian Library, Author unknown, the transsiberian express, 1930

Situated just a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus, the brand new Gallery for Russian Arts and Design is set to open in June with an exhibition of insightful Intourist posters.

This not-for-profit organisation has been founded with the aim of broadening international understanding of the extraordinary and vibrant body of work that has been produced in Russia since the early 20th Century.

Their inaugural exhibition of predominantly Art Deco style posters contradicts standard Western perceptions of Russia at that time, depicting the country as a tourist haven. Scenes of the pre-war Soviet Union at rest and leisure are presented in a fine example of 1920s and 30s propaganda.

The collection includes work by two-time USSR State Prize winner Nikolay Zhukov, who was highly regarded by party officials and even went on to illustrate the full edition of Lenin’s works.

This unusual exhibition runs from 7th June – 1st September and our design team are pleased to be creating a bespoke presentation solution to house the collection. Several of the posters will be displayed within hand-made acrylic box designs, a sleek and minimal frame which provides each vintage poster with long-term protection against harmful UV light, dust particles and airborne pollutants.

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