Amy Stephens - /Vinibar

Amy Stephens - /Vinibar

The Circle, 2013
Perspex, wood, paint, material
170 x 70 x 180 cm

Catching the Big Fish, 2013
Pencil on paper
34 x 26 cm

Contemporary artist Amy Stephens creates minimalist sculptural configurations which play with colour, surface and form. Her latest exhibition is entitled ‘Catching the Big Fish’, taking its name from a book by filmmaker David Lynch which describes the experience of ‘diving within’ in order to ‘catch ideas to be prepared for the audience’. The exhibition includes site specific sculptural assemblages which explore the relationship between found objects and sculpture, materials and architecture. The finished works appear as a spontaneous combination of man-made and natural elements, using strong angles to add gravity to the collection.

Catching the big fish is open 3rd May – 1st June at MiniBar Artist Space and is a must-see!

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