T J Boulting - Dale Adcock

T J Boulting - Dale Adcock

Detail Of Untitled (Woman), 2011, Oil on linen, 93 x 127 cms

The latest exhibition at T J Boulting will showcase a collection of monumental paintings and drawings by Dale Adcock, an artist who considers his work to be ‘a contemporary product of cubism’. Adcock reforms his images to create a ‘new way of seeing’ as he pushes the boundaries of two-dimensional representation. Surreal objects float in the pictorial space, defying gravity and often depicting architectural monuments. His drawings act in part as a journal of fractured thoughts mediated by the artist’s imagination, raising interesting questions on how the artist, viewer and painting came together at that precise moment.

‘The drawings reflect our constant struggle to maintain stable precepts of comprehension in an increasingly unstable world’

This collection will be on display until 13th April, 2013.

We are delighted to have produced museum quality artwork panels and framing solutions for inclusion in this captivating show.

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