Purdy Hicks Gallery - Pierre Bergian

Purdy Hicks Gallery - Pierre Bergian

The worlds of fine art and interiors often cross paths in exciting collaborative projects, and the subject of ‘the room’ has been selected throughout history for classical still life painting. We are thrilled to have designed a bespoke presentation solution for a stunning exhibition of oil paintings and sketches by Pierre Bergian, an artist who continues to explore this theme in his unique contemporary style.

‘I am persuaded that we are unconsciously very fascinated by interiors of buildings because these are the places in which we spend the largest part of our lives.’

The artist’s subjects are empty rooms, sometimes containing a solitary piece of furniture such as a ladder, piano or table, which, far from filling the space, seems to add to the emptiness.

‘My paintings are a little similar to still lives ... Emptiness fascinates me’

Above all, Bergian is interested in painting light. Never choosing to portray artificial light, the artist looks to capture the subtle contrasts between morning, afternoon and moon light and the delicate beauty this creates. His painted rooms are composites of spaces and objects that have inspired the artist, re-creating a realistic atmosphere as opposed to a realistic location. Each space portrays aged interiors of another lifetime, a fascination which the artist traces back to his childhood:

‘When I was a child, I loved to discover abandoned old houses in Bruges, Lille and Ghent. They were mostly empty and rather dark, of course, without artificial light. Medieval buildings are very mysterious. But 20th Century buildings are amazingly interesting too’.

Bergian’s chosen medium of paint allows him to meditate on the mysterious atmosphere of diverse places and images and merge them into a new world which cannot be entirely achieved through photography in the same way. Described as a ‘visual poet of the interior’, Bergain constructs work which ‘penetrates the mind’ in a powerful way.

This exhibition continues until 27th April.

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