Lucid-Ly - The Contemporary Photobook

Lucid-Ly - The Contemporary Photobook

Lucid-Ly is an international art consultancy specialising in photography and lens based media. The organisation works with artists, studios, collectors and institutions to develop high quality publications and exhibitions, the latest of which is entitled ‘The Contemporary Photobook’. Featuring internationally acclaimed practitioners, this collection exhibits a series of recent photobook projects, exploring the potential of the book as ‘a platform for photography’. The photographic medium is inescapably linked to publishing by the tradition of the photo album and photographic illustrated books. With this in mind, an increasing number of contemporary artists are re-visiting the book as a space for experimentation. As a portable and affordable item, photobooks are popular with collectors and are regarded as art objects in their own right. This exciting collection opens on Thursday 11th April 7 – 9pm at 13 Marlow Workshops and is well worth a view - Please RSVP here to attend.


Melinda Gibson
Martin Parr
Mark Mattock
Jaap Scheeren and Hans Gremmen
Sipke Visser
Kummer & Herrman

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