Dimitri Kozyrev - Breese Little

Dimitri Kozyrev - Breese Little

Last One #18, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 152 x 183 cm

Russian artist Dimitri Kozyrev constructs complex work which recalls the radiant abstraction of influential practitioners in the history of art such as Kandinsky and Gorky. In his first London solo exhibition, the artist has chosen to showcase recent canvases and drawings in which ‘the inheritance of modern history and the avant-garde collide’ in a riot of colour. Expansive planes of tone are disrupted with bright, geometric forms, changing the directional flow of the work and hinting at ‘splinters of memory’. Amongst the abstract shapes, viewers may recognise sparse fir trees and hunched figures, hinting at the impact of war on both human life and geographical landscape. In stark contrast to these bright painted scenes, the artist’s ‘cutting edge’ series blends elements of cubist and constructivist movements in an effort to question the direction of modern art, which Kozyrev believes to have ‘blunted’ in recent years. These muted drawings focus upon decrepit buildings abandoned by civilisation, documenting ‘bleak corners’ and ‘forgotten scars’ which are absent of colour and hope.

Our Artist Surfaces team were delighted to re-stretch a collection of six artworks for display in this stunning exhibition at Breese Little gallery, which will continue until 1st June, 2013. For more information on artwork stretching services for canvases in all shapes and sizes, please click here or contact a member of our team.

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