John Jones Art Collection on loan at MPD London

John Jones Art Collection on loan at MPD London

MPD London is an award winning interior design practice based in Chelsea, delivering a luxury residential interior design service to private individuals and commercial clients. Their brand new studio space is located just a stone’s throw from the international design destination Chelsea Harbour Design Centre and is testament to their style and the high calibre of clients they work with. We are delighted to have a strong working relationship with the studio, producing bespoke framing and artwork presentation solutions for their diverse interior projects across the UK. To celebrate our partnership, several key pieces from the John Jones contemporary art collection are now on display at MPD London, all of which have been carefully selected to complement the stunning interior decor of the space.

Bill Brandt – Nude
Bill Brandt was one of the great masters of 20th century photography and his work constitutes one of the most varied and vivid social documents of Great Britain. John Jones is delighted to be the recommended framer for all works purchased from The Bill Brandt Estate.

Robin Friend – Untitled (Belly of the Whale)
Robin Friend is an exciting contemporary photographer and long-time John Jones client. His work explores the increasingly chaotic relationship we have towards the natural world, examining the beauty of both nature and decay. This captivating piece is presented within a bespoke wooden frame design, cut, sanded and sprayed by hand to a black opaque finish, further enhancing the drama of the image.

House of Fairytales
House of Fairytales is a creative charity project formed in 2008. 22 key international artists came together to create this unique limited edition print portfolio on the theme of fairy tales, myths and legends. Each piece has been presented within a unique bespoke frame design, specifically chosen to complement the style and tones of the artwork.

The John Jones contemporary art collection reflects our culture, through the wide variety of creative professionals we work with and friendships that we have made. It exists to be enjoyed by, to inspire and to sometimes challenge our staff, clients and guests.

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