Alex Olson - Laura Bartlett Gallery

Alex Olson - Laura Bartlett Gallery

We are particularly excited for the inaugural exhibition in the brand new Laura Bartlett gallery space - a series of textured paintings by American artist Alex Olson! Built up using multiple layers in an abstract language, Olson creates a surface which retains the physical materiality of paint. Whilst some marks might seem familiar at first, the works teeter between recognition and confusion, an atmosphere which is further emphasised by the diversity of mark-making utilised in her practice - spreading, pouring, wiping, scraping, abrading and sponging. These effects are carried out with a variety of ‘mundane’ tools including palette knives, window scrapers and cheap brushes on slim stretchers, deliberately chosen to draw attention to the surface of the artworks. In all of these oil paintings the surface has been placed under a spotlight, raising interesting questions on how we read and interpret painted texture.

Our design team was delighted to create a bespoke presentation solution for this beautiful collection. Each piece has been secured into place in a ‘raised lay-on’ design, creating the impression that the artwork is floating within the frame. Poplar wood has been cut, sanded and sprayed by hand into a sleek square profile shape which allows the dramatic texture of the artwork to take centre stage.

This collection is on display 23rd March - 12th May, 2013.

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