A House of Many Windows

A House of Many Windows

Aly Helyer An X Lover, 2011, oil on linen on board

We are delighted that several of our clients are set to exhibit work in the group show ‘A House of Many Windows’, curated by Day & Gluckman. Throughout history, artists have repeatedly made of use of the figure to communicate ‘a complex set of parameters and nuances’ with their fellow being. Recent trends in favour of pristine finishes and clean lines mean that many contemporary artworks are absent of any indication that were produced by human craft. The curators of this collection argue that adding the depiction of a person into the artwork immediately adds an ‘emotive layer’ which imbues the piece with an identity. The nine artists featured in this show have all approached the body as their subject matter, using paint, sculpture, collage and photography to ‘present a myriad of responses to our relationship with ourselves’.

This collection will be on display 7th March – 12th June at Collyer Bristow Gallery.

Dan Coombs, Emma Critchley, David Dipré, Aly Helyer, Annie Kevans, David Lock, Kate Lyddon, EJ Major and Boo Ritson

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