Maurizio Pellizzoni

Maurizio Pellizzoni

MPD London provides a full interior design service to private individuals and commercial clients in London, the UK and Europe. We caught up with founder and director Maurizio to find out more about his inspirations and future plans! ...

Q) When and how did you first discover interior design?
A) I have been passionate about design since I was a child, moving to London 15 years ago helped me to understand that as well as a passion, it is what I wanted to do.

Q) What makes your style and approach to interior design unique from the rest of the industry?
A) Each one of our projects is individually tailored to the client’s requests, making each design entirely unique and different from the next. We have great relationships with each of our clients, for me it is important to listen and translate the client’s needs into the final design.
I like to combine classic style with luxurious detailing but always with an emphasis on comfort. It is important to choose pieces that are timeless and I love to keep traditional design fresh with a modern twist.

Q) Where do you find your inspiration?
A) I am from Lake Como, one of the most beautiful places on earth in every season and it is an important influence on who I am and my design values. I think London is a city full of ideas and it is here where I get most of my inspiration.
I also love travelling and love to pick up exciting new ideas during my trips abroad and experience different cultures. Being able to understand how people live and how this is developing is important to consider when you are designing a space, I love to learn something new every time I visit a place.

Q) What is the most unusual project you have ever been commissioned to undertake?
A) Every single project so far has been unusual in its own way. The beginning of a relationship with a new client is extremely important and I like to spend time learning about them and how they live. Most importantly, we need to understand what they really want from a single room or full house re-design. Everyone had good ideas; it is our job as designer to make them reality.

Q) Who would be your dream client and why?
A) All of my clients, past and current have been dream clients. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to design homes for people who have the same understanding and appreciation of design as I do.

Q) Where are your favourite haunts to relax in your spare time outside of work?
A) Shoreditch House is one of my favourite places to relax, especially on a sunny summer day; there I can get good food and lots of friends to enjoy my time off.

Q) Who are your favourite furnishing and textile suppliers?
A) Ralph Lauren has long been one of my muses, working for them taught me to pay utmost attention to detail and to transform place with layers of beautiful accessories. After 5 years I still love to use Ralph Lauren furniture, fabrics and wallpapers in my work.

Q) What long-term goals do you hope to accomplish with MPD London?
A) 2012 was an amazing year for MPD London. In the New Year we are opening our new studio and hoping to expand the team and to take more international projects.

Q) How important a role do you think art and framing plays in interior design?
A) Artwork is one of the most important aspects when creating the finishing touches for a scheme and is a great way of bringing colour into a space. Framing plays a fundamental role, it is extremely important that the frame complements the artwork and the space in the room – framed artwork is the final layer and helps to create the soul of a room or house.

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Maurizio Pellizzoni