Eduardo Cardenes

Eduardo Cardenes

Cardenes Studio is an award-winning interior design practice specialising in luxurious interiors for hotels and private clients. The studio is led by Spanish interior designer Eduardo Cardenes, a member of the British Institute of Interior Design BIID International Committee. We caught up with Eduardo to learn more about what makes him tick ...

Q) How did you discover interior design?
A) It was during my studies of architecture in Madrid, I was impressed by the change in society and how this change affected architecture and design.  Most of the avant-garde architects that I admired always needed to create new pieces that could suit their spaces better. I then decided that I could still develop a project but in a different scale and become an interior designer.

Q) Where do you find your inspiration?
A) I found inspiration in people, art and history. For me it is very important that each project be different and original so always our projects should be different and reflect those details that represent my clients into their spaces, inspiration then comes quite easily as each of my clients are different between each other.

Q) Where do you like to hang out in your spare time when you’re switching off and relaxing?
A) I enjoy going back home to visit my friends and family in Spain (Gran Canaria) but I also love going back to Madrid where I lived for over 6 years and Ibiza. I love the sun and being by the sea with a good cocktail!  The sun is what I miss the most in London. In London, I very much enjoy going to museums and the cinema, something I do regularly.

Q) Is there a space in London which you find yourself continuously drawn to because of the beautiful interior?
A) I love to go to Hakkasan.  I love the buzz of the space and the lighting scheme.

Q) Can you recommend a hotel you stayed in where the interior design really impressed and inspired you?
A) I definitely recommend El Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Their public areas are generous and extremely sensual. It is in constant change during day and night and also during the seasons, so every time you visit it looks different.

Q) Who are your favourite designers currently working in the industry?
A) In interior design I really like the work of Lazaro Rosa Violan at the moment and I also found extremely sexy the interior design space created by Tom Ford.

Q) You have enjoyed some fantastic success in the industry, completing beautiful projects and winning prestigious awards! What advice would you give to new designer just starting out their practice?

A) I consider myself a young designer and still have a lot to prove and to offer. The main advice I would give to anybody is to be consistent and believe in yourself. When you are focused and you know where you want to be everything makes sense.

Q) What exciting new projects do you have on the horizon?
A) I have recently started to work on a prestigious project in Monaco that will definitely be a key point in my career once it is complete. I am also working on an exciting 10,000 square feet project in London for a fitness academy.

Q) How important a role do you think framing plays in interior design?
A) It plays a very important role indeed. Somehow it is the closest link we have between our interiors and an artwork. Framing makes the link between both worlds (Art and Design). It helps make them coexist together in harmony.

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Eduardo Cardenes