Danny Rolph

Danny Rolph

Artist Interview: Danny Rolph

October, 2016

Danny Rolph was born in London, in 1967, where he continues to live and work. Rolph holds an MA in painting from the Royal College of Art. Rolph is an internationally renowned artist best known for his multi layered Triplewall and canvas paintings. His paintings construct their grammar of signs through material engagement and unprincipled investigations into the history of the 'pictorial', locating endless questions with attitude and visual dexterity. Rolph’s work is held in public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Tate Britain, as well as in several major private collections.


Danny Rolph, EC2, 2016, Mixed Media on Triplewall, 100 x 240cms 


Q) Congratulations on the success of East Central, this is your first solo exhibition in London in four years, where have you been and what have you been up to?

Thank you. I've been busy in the studio and have had four international solo shows, two with Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, one with 532 Gallery, New York and a public gallery show at E.S.A.D, Valence, France.

Danny Rolph, EC3, 2016, Mixed Media on Triplewall, 150x150cms  


Q) What inspires the vibrant use of colour your work is renowned for?

Sunsets, Tiepolo, LP covers, trainers, urban signage in different countries, Matisse, fabrics, flags, Sienese School of Painting and football kits!


Q) You work across a breadth of mediums, from works on paper to canvas and panels.  How important is choosing the right surface when completing your work?

I enjoy working on different surfaces, they all have different properties and potential upon which I start composing.


Q) How do you think your artistic practice has changed since you began painting?

It changes every minute of every day. I turn up at the studio and allow my instincts, which are of course informed by my experiences, to operate. I then edit ruthlessly as the work develops.


Q) Which contemporary artists do you admire or find inspiring and why?

Chris Ofili, Mary Heilman, Brice Marden,  Laura Owens, Lari Pittman, Neo Rausch, Robert Ryman, Richard Tuttle, Chantal Joffe and Wade Guyton because they are all visual explorers!


Q) What advice would you give to young, aspiring artists starting out in their career?

Spend as much time looking as you do working. Welcome history, embrace doubt and learn from failures.


Danny Rolph, EC1, 2016, Mixed Media on Triple Wall, 100x487cm, 


Q) Can you tell us about your studio environment - where do you like to work and what helps you to focus?

My studio is on Bermondsey Street, SE1. It's a beautiful space in a two hundred year old building and was the studio of my great friend and artist John Dougill. I work all over the studio and in hotel rooms, where I create my "sketchbook" works. My passion for Art enables me to focus.




Q) What future projects do you have on the horizon?

I'll be exhibiting at Context Art Miami this December with my New York gallery (532 Gallery) a double sided painted screen, my first foray into 3d, at last!

I've just completed two solo shows, so next year will be group shows; also I’m curating an exhibition in New York late Spring called "Last Picture Show".

I'm hoping to put together a substantial book with my U.S. galleries work from the last ten years.


Installation at CNB Gallery, East Central


Danny Rolph’s latest exhibition, East Central is currently on display at CNB Gallery, East London, until 7th November, 2016. Read more

Top image: Danny Rolph, photo by Stuart Hartley


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