How To Store Art Materials Safely

How To Store Art Materials Safely

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your artwork stretcher bars, canvas rolls and other art materials stay in museum quality condition.

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Step 1

When wooden artwork stretchers are exposed to adverse conditions the fabric of this natural material will be compromised, which can result in warping. There are several precautions you can take to avoid this.

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Step 2

When storing unused stretcher bars, bundle them together in groups for extra support as opposed to storing them loose.

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Step 3

Store unused canvas fabric, stretcher bars and finished artwork in a cool, dry environment away from moisture and humidity.

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Step 4

Store your artwork stretchers at a constant temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, radiators and electric heaters.

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Step 5

Avoid leaning panels and stretchers directly against studio walls or on the floor. Instead, support your artwork on storage blocks, and place a foam support between the back of the artwork and the wall

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Step 6

Avoid transporting or repeatedly taking your artwork out of storage unless absolutely necessary. Your artwork is most at risk when in transit.

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Step 7

When placing finished artworks in storage, wrap them in clean, dry wrapping to protect the surface from dust and airborne pollutants which can damage and discolour the work.