How To Incorporate Mirrors Into Interiors

Framed mirrors are a great tool for interior designers, creating functional space fillers in awkward alcoves or statement pieces of decoration for a real wow factor! In this guide, our Senior Framing Consultant Tim Blake discusses his favourite design options and installation ideas for incorporating framed mirrors into any design scheme ...

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Step 1

Convex or concave mirrors
Whilst this might sound a bit camera obscura, a convex or concave mirror is a fantastic way to open up a space and maximise on the light in an unusual shaped room. These mirrors work best when hung opposite a beautiful work of art, reflecting and distorting the image to create an interesting dialogue across the room.

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Step 2

Recycling old frames
Anyone who has ever visited an antique market or a quirky charity shop will have stumbled across beautiful old frames, crumbling at the edges but still with a real sense of character. Whilst these frames will sadly be of no use to frame and protect a piece of fine art, they are ideal for use with an antique mirror! Recycle and revitalise your ageing frames and give them a new lease of life.

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Step 3

Bevelled frame Mirrors
This modern profile shape is a beautiful way to add interest to the standard wooden mirror frame. Bevels can be cut to diverse angles and look most effective when cut into dark wood stained to a deep, rich finish.

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Step 4

Salon Hang
The classic technique of installing fine art in a ‘salon’ formation can also work beautifully with mirrors! If you have a series of frames in different shapes and styles but no artworks for inside, you can combine them on a single wall space to create a beautiful and quirky decorative feature which will also inject more light into your space.

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Step 5

Free-standing Mirrors
Ask a woman to picture her ideal dressing room and it will no doubt feature a stunning free-standing mirror. These large designs can be painted to seamlessly meld into the colour scheme and decor of your space.

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Step 6

Welded Aluminium Tray Frame Mirrors
A welded aluminium tray frame is the ideal way to present clean, angular mirror shapes selected for a slick interior design. Aluminium can be polished or brushed to your desired finish and is most comfortable in a bright, minimal and super contemporary pad – effortlessly cool.

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Step 7

Round Mirrors
Bored of the same old rectangular design? Unusual shaped mirrors can be a great way to extend pattern motifs present within other fabrics and furnishings in your interior design. Circular mirrors look stunning on canal boats, yachts or any space with a nautical theme!

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Step 8

Slim wall spaces and alcoves
Slim wall spaces or alcoves can appear lonely and unfinished when left bare, but often lack the space required to really give a work of art room to breathe. Long, stretched mirrors can provide an ideal solution, visually expanding the space and providing that much needed finishing touch. We recommend sticking to a slim, square profile frame shape which will not clutter your limited wall space.

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Step 9

Ornate Designs
French themed ornate frame designs look beautiful in a classical, luxury space. The added carving or hand-painted details mean that this type of mirror is a work of art in itself and must be afforded adequate wall space to shine. Team this frame style with a fading antique mirror to create a vintage, antique feel which oozes glamour.