Zanny Mellor - Phillips Oceana Charity Auction

Ocean Conservation Charity, Oceana, launched their Junior Ocean Council in March. To celebrate the launch, ocean lovers, philanthropists and celebrities attended Phillips Auction House for an inspiring environmental art auction and musical performances. The event was designed to raise awareness of Oceana’s mission, to restore and ensure biodiverse and productive oceans.

John Jones client and highly esteemed artist Zanny Mellor auctioned three lots at the Phillips auction; a large scale painting Memory Ablation III and Ablation Experiments I and II limited edition c-type prints. Our talented Artist Surfaces team were pleased to work with Zanny Mellor to design bespoke hand-made linen canvas stretchers ideal for her painting style.

Zanny Mellor’s made to measure artist ground was produced in a deep profile to give a boxed finish in our kiln-dried tulip hard-wood which is low-emission and FSC certified. The wood has a low tendency to split and bow when fixing canvas therefore it is the ideal material for producing quality products which will last. The wood is run in our Hertfordshire wood-mill by talented craftsmen, many of whom are practicing artists themselves.

Zanny Mellor’s canvas was stretched with superfine linen before being acrylic primed. Claessens provide our canvas; they pride themselves in quality manufacturing influenced by traditional Flemish and Dutch Masters since 1906. The acrylic primer creates a brilliant white surface ideal for painting compared to the yellow hue the oil alternative provides.

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For more information on the Ocean Conservation Charity please visit their website

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