Town Hall Hotel and Apartments

John Jones have recently worked with Arts Admin to create bespoke lightbox frame designs for display in the award winning Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, a luxury hospitality venue in the heart of London’s east end. These glow boxes present the work of artist and film-maker Michaela Nettell, who captures the fleeting quality of memory and daydream by creating installations that affect space, optics and memory.

Each custom-made lightbox is produced with a guaranteed lifetime of 40,000 hours, and is specifically designed with fine art conservation in mind. Whilst traditional light boxes emit a large amount of heat which can cause long-term damage to the artwork, in our design the lighting system is situated outside of the frame, vastly reducing damage and protecting the vibrant colours of the piece.

Each work was installed by our experienced fine art installation team, who work with museum level picture hanging tools and techniques to ensure all framed artwork and sculpture is handled with the utmost care throughout delivery and installation. Our team have worked on countless residential and commercial artwork hanging projects across the UK and beyond, and were delighted to contribute their experience on this project.

Arts Admin is ‘an arts lab for the 21st Century for the creation of performance, site-specific and interdisciplinary work, where the innovative, experimental and unusual are nurtured.’

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Town Hall Hotel and Apartments
Town Hall Hotel and Apartments
Town Hall Hotel and Apartments


Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, Patriot Square, Bethnal Green, London


Artwork by Michaela Nettell

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