The Surface Design Show - Mark Evans

In February 2011, John Jones was delighted to work with contemporary artist Mark Evans to produce a ‘seasonal artwork’ for the Surface Design Show, a must-see event for professional artists and interior designers. The Surface Design Show is at the forefront in showcasing new materials and scientific practices within the International Interior Design and Architectural fields, and John Jones had the opportunity to exhibit leading materials from the world of Fine Art and Interior Design. Mark Evans has worked with John Jones Artist Surfaces since 2005, and to tie in with Valentine’s Day 2011 he produced ‘I Love You’, a dramatic piece demonstrating the power of human imagination. His complex etchings, which he refers to as ‘carvings in leather’, are sought after by collectors worldwide, and combine the eye of the artist with the hand of the surgeon. Evans states that he “spent a few years locked away in my studio living as part artist & part mad-scientist – trying to perfect the technique I’d discovered”, and the result is a unique ‘micro sculpture’. The collaboration between Evans and John Jones created a main attraction within the ‘material thinkers’ section of the Surface Design Show.
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The Surface Design Show - Mark Evans
The Surface Design Show - Mark Evans
The Surface Design Show - Mark Evans


Surface Design Show 2011


I Love You by Mark Evans


Deep Red Leather with Black Leather Dye and hand etched highlights.
Stretched over John Jones Artist Surfaces Birch Panels

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