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‘Chemistry of Light’ is Tessa Traeger’s response to a large collection of 19th century photographs, negatives and camera equipment left to her in the 1960’s by a great uncle. Traeger views their deterioration as a metaphor for the loss of craft as traditional dark room photography is superseded by digital technology.

Each piece has been presented within a sleek square profile frame design, fitted with a specialist foil lining to ensure that the photograph is protected and preserved from any emissions given off over time by the wood. The images are mounted to acid-free 100% cotton rag mount boards for long-term preservation and protected with our highest grade of conservation glazing. The glass is ‘water white’ for a crystal clear view of the image and contains an ultra violet light filter and a low glare coating for the ultimate viewing experience. The frames themselves have been sprayed by hand to a black matt finish without wax, allowing the bold colours and intricate patterns within the artist’s work to take centre stage.

For more information on framing vintage photography for gallery display, please contact a member of our team.

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Tessa Traeger - Purdy Hicks Gallery
Tessa Traeger - Purdy Hicks Gallery
Tessa Traeger - Purdy Hicks Gallery


Purdy Hicks Gallery


Tessa Traeger - Chemistry of Light

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