Stitch Art Auction

Stitch is a non-profit organisation that hosts artistic events to inspire people to think about their impact on the environment. On 30th November, Stitch hosted an art auction at The Dairy as its formal launch, which featured pieces by 30 artists working with a variety of media. Curated by Catherine Loewe, the collection includes established artists such as Long, Quinn and Wentworth alongside first-time exhibitors. A further project on display included a wall of 'Stitch Sketches' where over three hundred well known individuals, ranging from sportsmen to politicians, were invited to enter A5 postcard sized sketches and doodles based on the environment. These were exhibited anonymously in a similar fashion to the RCA's 'secret sketches'.

John Jones was delighted to work with Stitch to frame five artworks for display by Marc Quinn, Richard Long, Vivienne Westwood, Audrey Niffenegger and Tom Phillips. Our sleek and simple square profile frames complemented the small scale of these works, and the John Jones artwork presentation team worked to display the collection using the finest quality 100% pure cotton mount boards.

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Stitch Art Auction
Stitch Art Auction
Stitch Art Auction


Stitch Art Auction, The Dairy, London


Vivienne Westwood - +5 Degrees
Mark Quinn - Unnatural World
Audrey Niffenegger - Too Little, Too Late
Tom Phillips - A Page from Huement
Richard Long - Shadows and Granite

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