Simon Leahy-Clark

Simon Leahy-Clark is already well established internationally and was shortlisted for the 2008 Jerwood Drawing Prize. His work is characterized by an innovative relationship with his medium; the artist works with newspapers which are stripped of their informative qualities, drawing attention to the qualities of the material itself.

Duke of Lancaster is the largest of Simon’s newspaper cut out images. John Jones also crafts all the framing for Simons cut out work, providing one-to-one advice on the best way to frame these delicate works.
In order to achieve the large and specific shaped canvas an actual sized stencil was used to mark a piece of low emission MDF. This was later hand sanded to achieve a very perfect round edge. 4 tulip wood cross bars were inserted into the centre of the frame to ensure it kept its rigidity.

The support was stretched with unprimed cotton duck that allows to be stretched extremely tightly as no wedges can be used within elliptical shapes.


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Simon Leahy-Clark
Simon Leahy-Clark
Simon Leahy-Clark


Artists Studio, London


Duke of Lancaster
Newspaper on Canvas
350cm x 150cm Oval
Copyright © 2011, Simon Leahy Clark


Custom made MDF stretcher with 1 ¼” lip,
Unprimed Cotton Duck

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