Sharon Leahy-Clark - Bespoke Display Shelf

John Jones were pleased to work with contemporary artist Sharon Leahy-Clark to design a bespoke presentation solution for ‘The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters’. Sharon’s work plays with language, and the point at which it breaks down. The artist works with diverse materials in a quick and intuitive fashion, creating forms which sit at the edge of language and reason, and are therefore difficult to categorise. The delicate artworks in this piece are produced out of glass, and our design team were commissioned to create a conservation and display design that would protect them long-term.

This deep custom-made display shelf is constructed out of the finest quality wood, with a slim lip around the top of the design to allow the acrylic case to slide on effortlessly with a secure finish. The shelf allows for a fantastic view of the artwork from diverse angles, allowing viewers to fully appreciate the detailed sculptures within. The acrylic casing protects the work from harmful ultra violet rays present in both natural and electric light along with dust particles and pollutants in the atmosphere. The design is secured to the wall with a museum standard steel bracket fixing mechanism, meaning these sculptures will be safely supported in a gallery, private home or studio environment for years to come. John Jones shelf supports can be produced to a bespoke specification in any colour or profile you desire. This design has been sanded and sprayed by hand to a smooth, white finish to provide a clean and contemporary backdrop for the artist’s brightly coloured sculptures.

'The individual pieces, like individual words, are given a visual sense of order by the way in which they are composed/displayed, in this instance on a purpose-made shelf; the way the sculptures are presented is particularly important to the integrity of the work.' Sharon Leahy-Clark

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Sharon Leahy-Clark - Bespoke Display Shelf
Sharon Leahy-Clark - Bespoke Display Shelf


Sharon Leahy-Clark, kiln cast glass on bespoke shelf, 2011-2012

Photography by Ester Segarra

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