Saatchi - Pangaea; New Art from Africa and Latin America

John Jones were delighted to provide artist surfaces for Saatchi’s current exhibition, ‘Pangaea; New Art from Africa and Latin America,’ 2nd April – 2nd November, for both Jack Bell Gallery represented artists, Aboudia Abdoulaye Diarrassouba and Boris Nzebo.

Aboudia’s paintings reflect the violence which took place widely across the Ivory Coast after the 2010 presidential elections. His expressive mark making echoes Jean-Michel Basquiat’s signature style.  Boris Nzebo’s graphic paintings draw upon his hometown of Gabon, and their local hairstyles and trends.

The John Jones team of skilled craftsmen have re-stretched the works of both Aboudia and Nzebo onto conservation grade tulip wood stretcher bars. Our bars are kiln dried to prevent splitting when stapled, and therefore provide a quality sturdy base guaranteed not to warp if stored correctly. Aboudia and Nzebo used our stretcher bars to re-stretch pre-painted canvases. Re-stretching allows clients to exhibit works across the globe without paying large shipping costs which means artists can gain more international exposure. In order to provide great customer service, our installation team will go on site visits to galleries to stretch the canvas, making the process smooth and easy for the client.

Find out more about our stretching services here.

Our highly skilled photography department has also provided high resolution digital photographs of the works as part of the collection management services we offer. Documenting works of art is vital for the protection of artworks as it helps recover works when they are lost or stolen. We are expanding our collection management services to work with collectors to accommodate their every need in our brand new state of the art photography and conservation studios.

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