Ritter Zamet Gallery - Lucien Smith

John Jones are delighted to have worked with Ritter Zamet Gallery on the first solo exhibition in London of work by Lucien Smith. The collection centres around rites of passage and the struggles of youth: self-control, anger, loss, naivety and regrettable decisions. Inspired by David Hammons’ ‘High Goals’, Smith has constructed a large-scale sculpture of a semi-demolished football goalpost. The piece suggests the insecurity and hesitancy associated with reaching for success ‘through demolishing the very symbol of its possibility’. The installation ‘Needle in the hay’ is built from multiple hay bales, depicting a memory of Smith’s upstate New York surroundings. The presence of the hay completely transforms the space, creating scent and texture which affects the whole viewing experience. ‘Goodbye is Too Good a Word’ was created by filling a fire extinguisher with paint and spraying the medium across the canvas. This technique invites chance and possibility into the work, and the result ‘speaks to both the sadness and joy of human relationships’.

John Jones framed the piece ‘Double Dribble’ for this exhibition. This large-scale two part work is appropriately presented in a two-part frame, joined with a strong central support to ensure a safe and secure final design. Produced using welded aluminium, this baguette frame presented ‘Double Dribble’ without glazing to expose the surface texture of the piece. The materials and techniques used within this frame design were selected to ensure the artwork is protected and displayed to the highest museum standards.

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Ritter Zamet Gallery - Lucien Smith
Ritter Zamet Gallery - Lucien Smith
Ritter Zamet Gallery - Lucien Smith


Ritter Zamet Gallery, Unit 8, 80A Ashfield Street, London, E1 2BJ


Lucien Smith - Double Dribble
Lucien Smith - An installation, Needle in the Hay
Lucien Smith - Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!
Lucien Smith - Goodbye is Too Good a Word

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