Pablo Bronstein - Sketches for Regency Living at the ICA

John Jones was delighted to work with London’s prestigious ICA on a challenging and ambitious Artist Surfaces project. Pablo Bronstein’s largest exhibition to date extends across the entire ICA building and introduces major architectural interventions, a newly commissioned body of works and original dance choreography. Drawing upon London’s regency history, Bronstein uses diverse media to investigate his interest in architecture and the social relations that it constructs. He explores how architecture and sculpture intervene in personal identity, informing our movements and actions. Throughout the spaces at the ICA, architecture is juxtaposed with forms referencing the Regency period, marrying classicism with post-modernism in highly stylised combinations. The John Jones Artist Surfaces Department produced a dramatic stretcher measuring 16m x 3.5m which had to be assembled on site and has become a dominant focus within the exhibition space. The show is on display until 25th September 2011, and John Jones is proud to support what will hopefully be the first of many successful projects with the ICA.

“Working with John Jones on one of the largest canvases we have ever installed at the ICA was a great partnership. Professionalism, speed and good humour were the essential qualities that their team brought to us working with our skilled technicians to raise a 16mx3.5m canvas on the John Jones specially created stretcher in just 4 hours. A brilliant experience and a very generous gift. Thank you.”

Gregor Muir, Executive Director, ICA

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Pablo Bronstein - Sketches for Regency Living at the ICA
Pablo Bronstein - Sketches for Regency Living at the ICA
Pablo Bronstein - Sketches for Regency Living at the ICA


ICA, 12 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH


16 x 3.5 stretcher produced for 'sketches for Regency Living' exhibition by Pablo Bronstein at the ICA

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