Ori Gersht - IWM London

25 January – 29 April 2012

This Storm Is What We Call Progress is the latest exhibition by Israeli-born artist and John Jones client Ori Gersht. The exhibition includes two recent film works reflecting on life experiences shaped by the Second World War, alongside a series of photographs. The artist’s work often explores conflict, history and place, disguising dark themes beneath seductive images.

The photographic work entitled ‘Chasing Good Fortune’ results from the artist’s recent journey to Japan, examining the shifting symbolism of the annual cherry blossom. Initially representing a Buddhist concept of renewal, the blossom came to stand for Kamikaze soldiers in the Second World War. The photographs were taken at memorials to the Kamikaze, and in Hiroshima where trees grow in nuclear contaminated soil.

John Jones are delighted to have worked with Ori and IWM London to frame these photographs for display. Each print has been dry mounted to an aluminium mount ensuring the image is tightly sealed and remains permanently flat. Dry mounting images is a popular choice with many of our photography clients for aesthetic reasons, and the John Jones studio has a hot-bed press and roller on-site to carry out this delicate process. The large-scale wooden frames protect and present each image to the finest museum standards, and are finished with a crisp white spray. The exhibition at IWM London is presented in partnership with the commissioning agency Photoworks, and is Ori’s first major solo museum exhibition in the UK. For more information and related events, please visit The IWM website.

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Ori Gersht - IWM London
Ori Gersht - IWM London
Ori Gersht - IWM London


IWM London, Lambeth Road, London, SE1 6HZ


Ori Gersht - The Storm Is What We Call Progress

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