Now&Future Japan Art Auction

The John Jones London framing team regularly collaborate with auction houses across the globe to frame diverse collections to the highest museum level. We were recently approached by registered charity Now&Future to frame a series of works set for display and auction in aid of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which devastated north east Japan. Now&Future commemorated one year since this tragedy through three simultaneous contemporary art projects:

2,000 children – A live auction led by Hugh Edmeades (International Director of Auctioneering at Christie's)
Be/Longings – A silent auction
The Yoko Ono: Mend Piece

The John Jones bespoke frame design team carefully considered each artwork set for auction, and designed bespoke framing solutions to protect and showcase the works to their full potential. Framed in contemporary, wooden square profile designs, the frames were cut, joined, sanded and sprayed by hand in our north London framing workshops to museum standards. Each artwork was protected by archival properties including 100% pure cotton mount boards to ensure the artwork does not stain or discolour over time, protective ultra violet filtered frame glazing to shield the work from harmful rays present in both natural and electric light, and sturdy back boards to protect the artwork from any future knocks. Each piece was installed using high quality strap hangers, ensuring the artworks sit flush to the wall in a safe and secure fashion for years to come. As custom framing specialists, our London based team have the resources and knowledge to frame diverse auction collections to set deadlines without compromising on quality.

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Now&Future Japan Art Auction
Now&Future Japan Art Auction
Now&Future Japan Art Auction


39 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NN


TAL REGEV, Golden Storm | 2011
WHITNEY MCVEIGH, Transition I | 2011
ALFREDO JAAR, Teach Us to Outgrow our Madness | 2011
TOMOKO YONEDA, Lovers, Dunaújváros (formerly Stalin City), Hungary | 2004
CORNELIA PARKER, Brontëan Abstract (Emily Brontë’s quill pen nib) | 2006
KIKI SMITH, Little Ewe | 2011
FRED TOMASELLI, Sep. 15, 2005 (Half Page) | 2010

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