Lodeveans Office Space

The John Jones design team have regular clients whom we are delighted to have worked with over several years. Lodeveans has worked with John Jones since 2006, commissioning a wide variety of museum level framing. This collection of work on paper by Juan Carlos Stekelman is displayed in their bright office space in Angel, London, and has been framed to provide a clean and simple backdrop to the artist’s bold style.

Framing artworks on paper requires a high level of archival and conservation materials to ensure the delicate paper surfaces are protected from long-term damage. Our technicians insert foil linings within each frame to prevent gas from the timber from discolouring the paper over time, whilst the use of 100% pure cotton acid free mount boards prevents the common ‘yellowing’ of artwork which can occur when acidic properties are included in a frame design. Strong frame backboards and well joined frame corners will protect the artwork from any knocks and bumps which may occur during transit, and each of these frame designs has been fitted with high quality protective frame glazing designed to combat the effects of light and heat. An art collection of this financial and cultural quality deserves to be appropriately protected with a beautiful aesthetic result. John Jones are delighted to work with the client to design striking framing which complements the visual style and intentions of the artist, without compromising on artwork conservation.

Stuart and John Evans have been working together building the Lodeveans Collection since 2006. In the last two years they have focused on collecting art from Latin America with an emphasis on emerging artists from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. They recently formed BALON to represent some of these artists.

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Lodeveans Office Space
Lodeveans Office Space
Lodeveans Office Space


Angel, London


A collection of work by Juan Carlos Stekelman

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