Keith Tyson - Pace Gallery

2002 Turner Prize winner Keith Tyson is one of the most prolific artists working in the UK today. Our design team were delighted to frame this dramatic solo exhibition, featuring sixteen paintings inspired by ‘poetry, music and personal references’. The collection was titled ‘Panta Rehi’ meaning ‘everything flows’ in Ancient Greek.

Each painting has been presented within a bespoke bevelled frame design, cut from high quality lime wood to add further grandeur and gravitas to the artworks. These dramatic frame profile shapes have been sanded to a smooth finish by hand in our London workshops before being stained and waxed to complement the individual tone of the paintings. The ornate style of this framing solution is the ideal backdrop to the artist’s bold work and the frames blended seamlessly with the majestic exhibition venue of Burlington Gardens.

In today’s environment, even newly produced oil paintings require protection from the damaging effects of hot, bright gallery lighting and fluctuations in temperature. In order to help combat this problem, several of the works were glazed with ultra violet filtered Perspex. This glazing option is ideal for large-scale artworks as it is much lighter than traditional glass and will not shatter if broken during transit.

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Keith Tyson - Pace Gallery
Keith Tyson - Pace Gallery
Keith Tyson - Pace Gallery


Burlington Gardens


Keith Tyson - PANTA RHEI

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