John Kingerlee

The John Jones gilding and special finishing department comprises of skilled artisans with the knowledge and expertise to re-create almost any frame finish you desire. Our gilders and colourists work with white gold, moon gold and gold leaf to produce a range of exquisite finishes, both new and antique. This oil painting by established artist John Kingerlee was framed using traditional gesso and gilding techniques with a striking result.

The precise application of gold leaf dates back to the early Egyptians and Ancient Greeks and is a painstakingly slow process. The frame goes through a six stage application of gesso and is sanded between each coat to give an ultra smooth, porcelain like base. A coloured clay is then applied in six stages before the frame is sized and wafer thin leaves of gold are applied with a fine fan brush. The frame design of this artwork has been finished with optium low glare ultra violet filtered glazing. This is our highest quality conservation glazing, providing the utmost protection for the artwork whilst reducing glare and reflections up to 80% which can spoil the viewing experience. Specially selected white spacer fillets have been included in the frame to ensure the glazing never comes into direct contact with the surface of the painting, and the entire design has been constructed to ensure the financial investment of our client is conserved with a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing result.

To discuss bespoke gilded and gesso frame designs for your own art collection, please contact a member of our framing team.

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John Kingerlee
John Kingerlee


John Kingerlee - Red Bird

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