John Jones Exhibition - New Acquisitions

Since John Jones first began in the 1960s, we have built a collection of fine art and photography which reflects the wide variety of clients and contacts that we work with. These artworks are managed by the John Jones Collection Care team, who have experience in caring for and documenting fine art for prestigious venues including TATE and the Royal Horticultural Society. Recent acquisitions to this collection were showcased in a dedicated exhibition in the John Jones gallery space.

Each piece on display has been framed to a museum quality using archival materials by our trained craftspeople, and many of the paintings have also been produced on our hand-made professional artist canvases, created by skilled technicians in our London workshops. These artworks were curated and installed by our specialist installation team who use museum standard picture hanging tools and techniques to ensure the safety of the artwork at all times. When not on display, the entire collection is stored in climate controlled facilities, logged and checked by a dedicated team of artwork registrars.

Conserving, documenting and ensuring the security of such a diverse fine art collection requires the skills and experience of trained professionals. To discuss the collection management of your own fine art, please contact a member of our team.

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John Jones Exhibition - New Acquisitions
John Jones Exhibition - New Acquisitions
John Jones Exhibition - New Acquisitions


John Jones Art Centre, 4 Morris Place, London, N4 3JG


Robin Friend, Federico Pietrella, Brigitte Williams, Maria Luisa Hernandez, Lucienne O’Mara, Paulo Roversi, Danny Rolph, Howard Dyke, Rona Binay

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