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John Jones is delighted to have printed and framed works of Fine Art Photographer, Jo Scott, for both her fine art photography projects and commissioned portraits. Jo recently achieved a Fellowship in Fine Art Photography from the British Institute of Professional Photographers, the highest accolade for a professional photographer.

Jo’s beautiful monochrome photography has taken her to dilapidated houses in the South West of France in 2012 and more recently to Victoria Baths in Manchester, where she was mesmerised:

“As soon as I stepped inside Victoria Baths, I could hear the noise of the bathers shouting and splashing; I could smell the warm, damp atmosphere; I could even see the masses piling through the clicking turnstiles….yet the building had been closed to public swimming for 20 years.
…Each photograph has its own impact, but my vision was to create a set of images that collectively spoke of the building and how behind both the Art Nouveau opulence and the slow decay you can sense the baths were well used.”

Jo’s imagery is inspired by beautiful light, atmospheric buildings and the form of the natural environment. The resulting images are quite simply, a bit different. They are photographs that tell a story.

See more of Jo Scott’s photography here

John Jones expert Fine Art Print Consultants have provided Giclee printing for Jo’s photography using specialist archival standard fine art digital printing, with a 60” high resolution award-winning Epson inkjet printer, which enables large format, digital and graphic printing. John Jones’ Giclee printer ensures accurate colour and smooth tonal graduations to create beautiful and professional results.

The John Jones framing team ensured the prints were presented to museum standard. Museum quality framing uses the best available materials throughout the frame’s construction, including UV protective conservation glazing, acid free mount board and fillets in order to prevent any long term chemical deterioration of the artwork. The prints were window mounted using museum standard paper tabs, and framed in high quality, conservation grade poplar wood, then sprayed brown-black and waxed for a superior, high-shine finish to complement the monochrome photography and highlight the fine contrast and detail.

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