Haugar Vestfold Museum

John Jones were delighted to frame a diverse collection of work for the Haugar Art Museum in Norway. Seventeen years after the Museum first opened, Haugar have launched a new exhibition space which will house items from their permanent collection. The space is also currently showcasing the ‘After-Munch’ series by Andy Warhol, which has been framed by British craftspeople at the John Jones framing studio in north London.

Each print has been presented on a 100% pure cotton acid free mount board using Japanese hinges. Other forms of artwork mounting often involve binding, residue or marks, and most methods can cause permanent damage to the surface of the artwork. Japanese hinging has gained wide acceptance as a safe and reversible technique, using traditional Japanese tissue papers to attach the artwork into place. The frames have been hand-made in a baguette style out of high quality wood, and sprayed with a crisp, white finish to provide a clean and minimal backdrop to the artwork.

These frames have been created using archival techniques selected for their long-term conservation benefits.

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Haugar Vestfold Museum
Haugar Vestfold Museum
Haugar Vestfold Museum


Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum Gråbrødregaten 17 3110 Tønsberg


'After-Munch' Series - Andy Warhol

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