Green Cardamom - Hong Kong Art Fair 2012

Contemporary artist Ali Kazim, represented by Green Cardamom Gallery, displayed a diverse collection of work at Hong Kong Art Fair 2012. The collection included the artist’s first video, a site specific sculptural installation with human hair, his first series of self-portraits in a decade long career, and delicate drawings on Japanese tissue.

John Jones were delighted to frame the 2D work within this latest collection using high quality museum level materials and techniques.

The artist’s choice of a Japanese tissue surface in his work is extremely delicate, requiring the utmost care and attention throughout the artwork presentation process. Each piece has been secured in place using archival Japanese hinges, a reversible technique which allows the necessary flexibility for the tissue to cope with changes in environment. Knowing that these works were set for display in the hot and humid environment of Hong Kong, our conservation team worked to ensure the artwork was fully protected from the effects of temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Aesthetic Presentation
Kazim’s delicate drawings have been presented on clear Perspex mounts, allowing the translucent effect of the tissue paper to be retained within the frame designs. The bespoke wooden frames have been soft sanded and sprayed with a warm white finish to complement and extend the light and delicate tones of these subtle drawings. Finally, the frame glazing includes a low glare coating to reduce harsh reflections and glare which may distract from the subtle beauty of the work.

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Green Cardamom - Hong Kong Art Fair 2012
Green Cardamom - Hong Kong Art Fair 2012
Green Cardamom - Hong Kong Art Fair 2012


Artworks by Ali Kazim
Photography by Vipul Sangoi

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