Gordon Cheung

Gordon Cheung’s practice is predominately as a painter however, he’s recently branched out to work with laser etching, video animation and sculpture, extending the visual language of his canvases. He regularly exhibits internationally in gallery and museum shows. Gordon explores themes of the real and virtual through expansive landscape which flit between utopian and dystopian. He uses a wide range of images from cityscapes & sci-fi vistas to hunters and game all set against a collaged ground of Financial Times stock listings. The stock is worked over with inks, acrylic gels and spray paint in Dayglo colours to create apocalyptic skies and high light the creatures and inhabitants of these worlds. Due to the variety of materials used in each painting, the canvases we make for Gordon use cotton which is sized and primed to take numerous applications and specially stretched to the correct tension. Wedges are also supplied so the canvas stretcher can be expanded if the canvas slackens through the paint application process.

Gordon Cheung

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Gordon Cheung


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 2009


Bespoke stretcher bars
Sized and primed cotton canvas

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