Gerard Byrne at MK Gallery

Irish artist Gerard Byrne works with film, photography, installation and text to investigate iconic moments in our recent history. Over the last ten years, Byrne has been exploring the environment around Loch Ness and the legends that precede it. An overview of his findings were presented for the first time at the MK Gallery between January and April 2011, and John Jones was delighted to be the official framer for this exhibition.
Accounts of the Loch Ness Monster, which allegedly date back to sixth century, are surrounded by fabrication, fantasy and hoax. As a result, Byrne’s photographs touch upon the debate surrounding ‘photographic truth’, the objectivity of documentary material, and ultimately how we record and view history. For Byrne, this project becomes a useful metaphor for the difficulties of representing the slippery nature of reality. In one sense, the real subject here is the process in which mythology, or reality, is constructed, and viewers are left begging the essential question: is it possible to photograph the un-photographable?

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Gerard Byrne at MK Gallery
Gerard Byrne at MK Gallery
Gerard Byrne at MK Gallery


Milton Keynes Gallery


Gerard Byrne
Towards a Gestalt Image - Loch Ness & Fact
Research ongoing since 2000 AD.
Image courtesy the artist.

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