Gavin Turk - Ben Brown Fine Art

The John Jones Artist Surfaces team produce bespoke stretcher bars and panels for diverse professional artists across the globe. One such artist is Gavin Turk, who regularly commissions canvases stretched with our museum quality unprimed 12oz cotton duck canvas fabric and Small Section stretcher bars.

In this solo exhibition at Ben Brown Fine Art, Turk collaborated with a production team to create a series of embroideries. This team is from Fine Cell Work, a charity that teaches needlework to prison inmates as part of the rehabilitation process. This labour intensive production method reflects the artist’s love of hand-made objects, which, along with authorship and identity, has been a key theme throughout Turk’s work over the past 25 years.

The exhibition featured a series of ‘grazzi’, small embroidered variations on the words ‘GAVIN TURK’. Each embroidery has been stretched onto our hand-made stretchers bars, produced using the finest quality kiln-dried tulip wood. This low emission hard wood helps to prevent against long-term warping and distortion and has proven strength and durability. To find out more about the professional art materials used in Gavin's creative practice, please visit our online store!

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Gavin Turk - Ben Brown Fine Art
Gavin Turk - Ben Brown Fine Art
Gavin Turk - Ben Brown Fine Art


Ben Brown Fine Art, London


Images courtesy of Ben Brown Fine Art and Gavin Turk

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