Fiona Rae

Fiona Rae's powerful abstract paintings are a skillful balance between premeditated techniques and improvised impulses. Recognisable motifs, braided linear forms, expressionist brushstrokes and a wealth of other painterly marks are combined into a dynamic and energetic whole.

John Jones are delighted to produce hand-made tulip wood stretcher bars for Fiona at our north London studios. Each bar is created to a special 1 3/4" deep profile with a sharpened edge. This results in a deeper more box-shaped stretcher which holds the canvas fabric safely away from the bars whilst retaining a crisp edge. Each piece is stretched on our premises with a heavy but regular weave cotton duck canvas fabric, ideal for the application of multiple layers of oil, acrylic and gouache!

If you work in a similar style to Fiona or are inspired by her practice, visit our online store for more information on the museum quality art materials she uses every day!

Timothy Taylor Gallery

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Fiona Rae
Fiona Rae
Fiona Rae


Detail: Do Not Scream!!, 2010
Oil, acrylic and gouache on canvas
152.4 x 127 cm
Copyright Fiona Rae. Courtesy Timothy Taylor Gallery, London


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