Fine Art Storage Solution

Storing artworks within the correct conservation materials in a stable environment vastly helps to protect them long-term and slow down any degradation. In order to ensure the safety of a collection it is important to maintain an accurate log of what you own, reducing the risk of works being lost and improving your chances of retrieving work if it is stolen.

This system of bespoke fine art storage folders was created for a private client with a collection of 760 small 2D artworks on paper. Each piece is individually housed within a white silversafe folder, a material used often in photographic conservation. Stacks of these white compartments were then stored within grey manila boxes and sturdy black solander boxes, both of which are lightweight and have ‘drop spines’ meaning they can be opened safely and easily to access any artwork at any time. Each artwork is interleaved with acid-free tissue, glassine or microchamber (depending upon the artwork) for extra protection during storage.

Large collections of small-scale artworks such as this benefit from being stored in small groups within bespoke sized folders to minimise movement. The folders also provide the collection with extra protection against sudden changes in environment such as temperature and RH. In order to easily locate works within the collection, each white silversafe folder includes a handy reference tab for the collector.

If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke archival storage solution for your own fine art, or for more information on any of our collection management services, please contact a member of our team.

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