John Jones Exhibition - Ellen Nolan

‘Waiting Room’ by Ellen Nolan presented a series of colour photographs showcasing groups of young female fashion models waiting together for a photography casting. The images concentrate on the dynamics and emotional exchanges that occur between the models in this anticipatory state.

The images within this exhibition have been presented within the finest museum standard frame designs, chosen to protect and showcase each print to its maximum potential. The photographs have been dry mounted onto an aluminium substrate, ensuring they remain permanently flat within the frame. Produced using the finest quality American Walnut wood, each frame has been finished with a dark warm brown shade to complement the individual tones within the photographs. To conserve the prints long-term, the frames include foil lining to prevent off-gassing from the timber (which can discolour the artwork), and black spacer fillets to ensure the artwork never comes into direct contact with the glazing. Ultra Violet filtered frame glass has been selected to protect the images from harmful UV rays present in both natural and electric light, whilst an extra low glare coating on the glazing minimises reflections which can disrupt the viewing experience. Finally, a secure hanging mechanism of vertical strap hangers has been fixed to the back of each frame to ensure the prints sit flush against the wall in a safe and secure fashion.

Our fine art installation team decorated the gallery space in a deep midnight blue shade, creating a dramatic and atmospheric space which heightens the emotions on display within the artwork. The team carefully considered the height, layout and lighting of the collection before safely installing each piece with museum level picture hanging techniques.

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John Jones Exhibition - Ellen Nolan
John Jones Exhibition - Ellen Nolan
John Jones Exhibition - Ellen Nolan


John Jones, 4 Morris Place, London, N4 3JG


Ellen Nolan - Waiting Room

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