David Hockney gilt frame for Private Client

This traditional gilt frame was designed for a private collector’s home to display a bold David Hockney print entitled Four Flowers in Still Life, 1990 edition number 3/50. Hockney has been a loyal client and friend of John Jones since its formation in the 1960s so we were delighted at the opportunity to frame another of his works.

Our team of frame designers have an eye for detail; their chosen gilt double frame design compliments Hockney’s print to create a statement piece of interior design.  The poplar wood chosen for this frame was coated in gesso to produce a smooth finish ready for the delicate, labour-intensive gilding process. Firstly a red clay base was added to provide the gold leaf with a warm glow to echo the tones of the print, before each square was burnished onto the frame individually.

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The frame not only looks beautiful it was designed with the longevity of the print in mind. Custom made, acid free Japanese paper photo corners, and Water White Art Glass with UV protection were utilised to preserve the work on paper in the best conditions possible. Our museum standards of presentation prevent discolouration, embrittlement, tearing and other artwork damage.

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