Conservation and Product Design at John Jones - Glowbox Frames

John Jones is often approached by clients to find solutions for presenting artwork in a lightbox for display both in private homes and large gallery spaces.

Preservation of the art we work with is at the heart of the John Jones ethos. Our in-house Conservation Department is happy to provide clients with advice on how to care for their fine art, as well as condition reports and collection management consultation.

Our conservation experts have identified that a traditional lightbox can radiate a large amount of heat energy, which over time can cause deterioration of an artwork. To prevent long term damage to the artwork our Design Consultants have designed a custom-made Glowbox, which minimises the amount of heat to which the artwork is exposed. The light in our Glowbox is dispersed evenly by a low heat emission LED light source situated behind a layer of protective Perspex.

To find out more about the John Jones custom Glowbox please click here.

For information on the John Jones design team and conservation department follow the links.

For a free consultation on fine art Conservation and Collection Management please contact our team on 020 7561 8196.

Image: Dale Chihuly, Float Drawing on Acrylic, 2014, 52 x 43ÔÇØ c. Halcyon Gallery, London

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