Framed books and printed publications

John Jones produce bespoke framing for a diverse range of products other than artwork, including clothing, jewellery and antiques. For this project, the John Jones team have framed a book for display in our design consultation room. This publication, entitled ‘Picture Framing’ by Leslie Woollard, has been presented in a high quality gilded frame, produced to bespoke measurements using museum standard materials. Displayed using a lay-on design, the book is held in place using thin strips of mylar plastic sheeting. This is durable enough to hold the weight of the book, without being too invasive in the overall visual design. The inside of the frame has been backed with vintage wall paper, adding to the impression that this is an antique feature. Framing your memorabilia serves to protect items of historical or sentimental value, whilst ensuring they are presented using high quality materials for a dramatic visual impact.

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Framed books and printed publications
Framed books and printed publications


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Picture Framing - Leslie Woollard

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