B&N Gallery - Civil Twilight

The latest exhibition at B&N Gallery presents artwork by six contemporary painters including John Jones Artist Surfaces clients Peter Lamb, Sarah McDonald and Howard Dyke. The gallery believes that the desire to paint separates painters from artists, as the material of paint is so specific and yet contains vast possibilities. In the landscape of contemporary painting, this richly diverse field has no prescribed aesthetic. Painters follow their own paths, exploring individual styles, processes and forms. The artists on display in ‘Civil Twilight’ avoid fashion to present honest and personal artworks on contemplation. Cope using imagery derived from personal symbols, whilst Dyke literally deconstructs his old paintings in order to create new ones, combining gesture and formalism. Knight’s works evolve slowly, painting delicate marks and multiple layers, whilst Lamb is constantly developing the ground of the next painting as a by-product of making the current one, incorporating painterly build-up and wearing away. Macdonald’s paintings suggest slight light in dark space, architectural planes that we recognise but can’t quite place, and Moran’s large hexagonal canvases are woven with stars and lushly painted monochrome portraits.

This is the third exhibition at the young B&N Gallery, and John Jones are delighted to see valued Artist Surfaces clients on display. At our London workshops, we produce bespoke canvases and panels to the finest Museum Standards. These professional artist quality surfaces are of particular importance for individuals who work with paint, as the type of surface can have a dramatic impact upon the final result of the artwork.

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B&N Gallery - Civil Twilight
B&N Gallery - Civil Twilight
B&N Gallery - Civil Twilight


B&N Gallery, 16 Hewett Street, London, EC2A 3NN


Marcus Cope
Howard Dyke
Kate Knight
Peter Lamb
Sarah Macdonald
Stephanie Moran

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