Berliner Liste - David Holland

Our design team were delighted to frame a series of richly textured oil paintings by artist David Holland for display at Berliner Liste, an established art fair welcoming 10,000 visitors.

‘In my paintings I am trying to work as near to my nervous system as I can, to open up areas of feeling rather than to just illustrate an object. To unlock the valves of sensation intuition and perception at a deeper level’ David Holland

The John Jones special finishing team have designed a dramatic art framing solution for David’s work, presenting each piece within a deep gilded frame which provides the artwork with an almost sculptural presence. Preparing a gilded frame with gesso is a lengthy process which uses ancient techniques and takes several weeks to complete. Produced using obeche wood, each frame has been carefully cut and sanded by skilled craftspeople. The frame sides are finished with a dark ochre spray, chosen to blend seamlessly with the burnished gold leaf at the front of the frames. To ensure the long-term conservation of the artwork each painting has been protected with our highest quality glazing material, an ultra violet light filtered optium acrylic with a low glare coating to reduce unsightly reflections.

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Berliner Liste - David Holland
Berliner Liste - David Holland
Berliner Liste - David Holland


Berliner Liste, MUMA Köpenicker Straße 70 10179 Berlin-Mitte


Paintings by David Holland

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