Banksy Lightbox for a Private Collector

At John Jones, our experienced team of designers and conservators have worked on a vast range of unusual projects ranging from original 1930s vintage film posters, to artworks made of 70 year old bread! Most recently we were called upon to rescue a damaged work by Banksy.

The renowned graffiti artist, Banksy, had spray painted one of his stylistic rats wearing goggles, on to white Perspex for a music concert stage set. Afterwards, the work was unfortunately damaged in deconstruction, cracking in multiple pieces, leaving jagged edges around the work, and a large crack through the right hand side of the image.

The owner of the work approached John Jones to see if our team of expert conservators might be able to save the damaged Banksy. In addition, the collector requested the work be redesigned into a light box, so our conservators worked in collaboration with John Jones Product Design Engineers to not only restore the work, but also develop it into a new light box design with multi-coloured back lights.

Firstly, the conservation team cleaned the Perspex and removed its original fixing strips, before using an adhesive to connect the separate sections back together, and fill in the other surface cracks. Next, John Jones craftsmen cut the Perspex down to an agreed size which still shows some jagged edges allowing the piece to tell the story of its past. Finally, the Perspex work was framed in a beautifully sleek welded aluminium frame profile which was rounded both front and back and sprayed black.

The new design not only looks great but also protects the artwork to museum standards by keeping the frame away from the artwork using 2ply microchamber paper. Another benefit of a metal frame is its strength at the corners, it will not crack or break if knocked or dropped.

For more information on John Jones lightboxes and metal frames follow the links.

If you have an unusual work which you think could be restored, our Conservation team will be happy to discuss the best approach to conservation. Find out more about our conservation services here.

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