Amy Stephens - Poppy Sebire Gallery

The minimalist sculptural configurations of Amy Stephens play with colour, surface and form and have an inherent relationship to drawing. Our design team were delighted to frame all of the 2D artworks on display in this solo exhibition at Poppy Sebire Gallery.

Each delicate piece has been mounted onto 100% cotton acid-free mount board and secured into place with museum quality tabs. The frame designs have been cut, sanded and sprayed to a crisp white finish by hand, providing an un-intrusive backdrop. The sleek square profile shape of the frames continues the clean lines and angles of the artist’s work, providing a complementary presentation solution.

Delicate artwork on paper is particularly vulnerable to the effects of heat, light and dust. With this in mind, each piece has been protected with our highest quality glazing which contains an ultra violet light filter, a low glare coating and is ‘water white’.

‘Personally I view my framed works as objects and therefore the framing is critical to the work. For my current exhibition, John Jones has been inspirational in enhancing my 2D work and giving me the confidence to actually exhibit my works on paper. Their innovation has enabled me to form a dialogue between both my drawing and sculpture.’ Amy Stephens

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Amy Stephens - Poppy Sebire Gallery
Amy Stephens - Poppy Sebire Gallery
Amy Stephens - Poppy Sebire Gallery


Poppy Sebire Gallery, All Hallows Hall 6 Copperfield Street London SE1 0EP


Amy Stephens - Collide

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